CLDP Exploring Our Idealized Self Image Video

This video is a recording of Kent Peterson’s understanding of three different personas or masks – power, love and serenety. Kent describes these, helps us explore these personas in ourselves, and discusses ways to get beyond these masks for a true expression of authenticity, self-acceptance and love for ourselves. This is that recording that we hope you gain some benefit from watching.

CLDP Leading with Heart Video

I think you’ll find this very intriguing and helpful in better understanding Non-Violent Communication and how it is used. Marion Little’s focus for this video is ‘Self-Empathy’ which is one part of three keys to NVC communication depicted in the attached documents which were included as handouts for this session:

(1) Self Empathy & Self Honesty
(2) Speaking with Honestry
(3) Listening with Empathy