Genetic Modification of Humans will Happen

Jamie Metzl in Hacking Darwin makes the argument that a genetics arms race is in progress, and we must, as individuals, take responsibility for developing an international regulatory program. Such an effort will not be easy to build, but it is essential if we do not want unfettered genetic manipulation of humans and their descendants. Metzl writes that his purpose is to get readers to act, and so I am acting by writing to the US President.

Get More Involved in Regulatory Policy Decisions

Come on, do they really think that humans can stop the development of technology? Energy, climate, genetics, social media, all are going to change. We should be instead working toward an agreement about policies that will be put in place on an international scale, to make these technologies benefit the further development of the human species and the world we live on in a way that can be maintained through mechanisms that ensure accountability.