CLDP Monthly Session: Building Resiliency

This year has been unprecedented. It’s been 1918, 1929, and 1968 all wrapped into one. The health, economic, and racial justice crises have taken a physical, emotional, and mental toll on all of us.

In this 2-hour interactive learning session, you will get strategies for building resilience in yourself and those around you. You’ll receive actionable tools to help you and those you lead:

• Increase well-being
• Sustain Energy
• Maintain mental focus
• Stay productive

History of Sicily – Land of My Ancestors

I thought it would be interesting to learn a little about the history of the land of my paternal ancestors, Sicily. For my first reading I picked a book called Sicily: The History and Legacy of the Mediterranean’s Most Famous Island by Charles River Editors. In this blog I write about the various important points in Sicilian history from 3.3 million years ago through early settlement to Ancient Greek and Roman times, and through changes from Arab to Norman to German to Spaniard to Angevin to Bourbon to Italian unification and finally to the development of the mafia. Showing the connection to migration that occurred mostly in the late 19th century.