I’m Tom Caruso, formally known as Thomas P. Caruso and I intend this site to be a place where others, who I will call my associates, will share their thoughts, pictures and videos; thus, the title of my site, T.P. Caruso. I’ve been trying to design this site to feature different ‘projects’. So far the projects include which you can learn more about by selecting the pages below or read the entries by selecting from the menu items above:

  • Historical Passions
  • Continuous Learning
  • Thought Provoking 

Background and Experience. I have been retired since March 2020 around the time that COVID-19 was becoming known as the first major world pandemic since the Spanish Flu in the early 20th century. This blog is giving me a chance to explore how I can continue to benefit humanity, and it will probably have to do with my interests and experience as explored here.

I have a variety of experience related to biomedicine and information technology, from completing a pharmacology doctorate in which I purified the opiate receptor to serving as a program manager for a $400 million effort to build a national clinical research distributed data network, called PCORnet. I have also worked with several venture capital companies and startups, built project management systems for software companies, developed several startups, and managed digital health initiatives including the Self-Generated Health Information Exchange (SGHIx) and the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America Partners Patient-Powered Research Network (PPRN). You can read about my experience and obtain a resume from LinkedIn and follow me on Twitter @tcaruso2. I have created separate pages for detailed information about my academic institution experience and my experience with medical data networks for research uses, like caBIG, PCORnet and IMEDS, as well as a full accounting of my career path.