CLDP Exploring Our Idealized Self Image Video

This video is a recording of Kent Peterson’s understanding of three different personas or masks – power, love and serenety. Kent describes these, helps us explore these personas in ourselves, and discusses ways to get beyond these masks for a true expression of authenticity, self-acceptance and love for ourselves. This is that recording that we hope you gain some benefit from watching.

CLDP Monthly Session: Building Resiliency

This year has been unprecedented. It’s been 1918, 1929, and 1968 all wrapped into one. The health, economic, and racial justice crises have taken a physical, emotional, and mental toll on all of us.

In this 2-hour interactive learning session, you will get strategies for building resilience in yourself and those around you. You’ll receive actionable tools to help you and those you lead:

• Increase well-being
• Sustain Energy
• Maintain mental focus
• Stay productive