CLDP Managing Energy (while Leading) Video

Are you interested in learning:

  • How your energy can affect your leadership?
  • How to manage the energy of others?
  • What the whole “energy” thing is about?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you will want to watch the video below about Managing Energy which was provided by the CLDP (Community Leadership Development Program) on Thursday April 16, 2020.

All of us carry particular types of energy, and we can manage how that energy can influence our ability to lead effectively, and can affect others that we lead.  It’s helpful to know about the energy that is present within us, as well as what is present in others.

During this 2-hour session, we looked at:

  • What we mean by energy
  • How to manage your own energy
  • How to manage others’ energy
  • What is group energy


Before watching the video, we recommend that you ponder these two questions:

  • What types of management or leadership energies (or archetypes) do you recognize are present in yourself (when you’re leading)?
  • When you lead (or imagine leading), which of these are you more likely to be challenged in:  preparing to lead, managing your own energy, or managing others’ energy?

Join us for other informative and educational sessions on a regular basis, the second Thursday of each month. Contact me at for a schedule of these trainings.

CLDP Managing Energy (while Leading) Slides

CLDP Managing Energy Exercises

Author: T.P. Caruso

Retired from a healthcare and biomedical research career and now enjoying connections with anyone interested in history, geneology, healthcare, leadership or consciousness.

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