Get More Involved in Regulatory Policy Decisions

So many issues have driven me to this conclusion, from climate change, to genetic manipulation, to energy alternatives, to uses of social media, and to the use of military force. I’m provoked by discussions in which people talk about problems – usually intellectualizing about one point or another, frequently a historical point about how things could have been different if, for instance, we never used the atom bomb. Or people stating that their fears about social media are have caused them to cancel their account on Facebook, etc. Or insisting that no one should ever be allowed to genetically manipulate a human embryo, or similarly any living organism, with genes that will become part of that organisms gene pool.

Come on, do they really think that humans can stop the development of technology? If the U.S.A. didn’t use nuclear weapons, someone else would have developed and used them. In fact it was the fear of the Germans developing these weapons, that convinced our leaders to put $2 billion ($23 B in 2019 dollars)1 into the Manhattan Project to develop the atomic bomb. We can also rest confident in the knowledge that social media and genetic manipulation of gene pools will be use extensively in the future.

We should be instead working toward an agreement about policies that will be put in place on an international scale, to make these technologies benefit the further development of the human species and the world we live on in a way that can be maintained through mechanisms that ensure accountability. This requires participation of all classes of people, from government, science, industry, and across all countries who will be effected and asked to hold to these policies. It will take hard work and a serious effort to hear and support the needs of all involved, and likely such an agreement on these policies will take decades and billions of dollars to be reached.

It does seem, that at least climate change is a popular example where we need an international agreement. Thanks to the efforts of key leaders from all sectors of our economy, we are moving in this direction, of course with clear resistance from some of those sectors – maybe because we have not listened to their perspective, and given those people a reason to support a climate change policy, such as a clear path to jobs.

Everyone get involved in these discussions. Let’s find the policy solutions that satisfy all parties, and stop arguing that one way is better than another. Let’s find the best way for everyone.

It’s worth it for the betterment of our world that you and I, and everyone else must get involved, because we are whether we know it or not.


“Manhattan Project.” In Wikipedia, December 1, 2020.

Author: T.P. Caruso

Retired from a healthcare and biomedical research career and now enjoying connections with anyone interested in history, geneology, healthcare, leadership or consciousness.

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