Volcanic Developments in Iceland

60 Minutes on Geldingadalir Eruption1 – this video introduces this unprecedented phenomenon and shows some excellent views.

Since its original eruption on 19 March 2021, I’ve been fascinated with the Fagradalsfjall volcanic Geldingadalir eruption in Iceland.2 I have watched multiple YouTube videos produced by a variety of vloggers as the eruption went from two fissures to as many as nine fissures, and now down to just one. I thought I might refer you to the various vlogs on YouTube that I have watched about the volcano, and tell you what I like and do not like about each of these vlogs. This is a hot subject right now that is changing the way volcanologists think about Iceland and the activity of its volcanos. To see it in action through the eyes of these vloggers is not as good as being there, but you may not have that option.

Geldingadalir Eruption News

First type of vlogs provide regular updates about the eruption. These are not diary-like vlogs, but rather vlogs that occur when there is something of interest to report. I particularly like these vlogs because they don’t repeat videos I may have seen before, and they also provide new information along with the videos.

RVK Newscast is a vlog sponsored by a news service sponsored by a travel magazine called The Reykjavik Grapevine which publishes a free magazine 21 times each year, as well as several other YouTube channels. The vlog is hosted by their Valur Grettisson, the Editor-in-Chief of the magazine, who frequently brought his dog with him to earlier trips to the volcano. The vlog occurs at least weekly, but often it is more frequent, which I assume is determined by whether they have important developments to present. The news is not always about the volcano, sometimes it has been about COVID-19 news, but recently it has mostly been about the volcano. I enjoy this vlog because it presents what is important including significant changes from their last newscast. I highly recommend checking these vlogs out when they get posted.

Daily Iceland is hosted by a vlogger named Rob who is a immigrant to Iceland from Canada sharing videos from areas related to earthquakes, volcanos and food around Iceland. You can message him via his Daily Iceland Facebook Page where he also provides an Daily Iceland email address. I enjoy his vlogs because they are usually quite short, but packed with good information and some excellent videos. He is clear that he is not a volcanologist but he does find some internet sites that reveal information about lava flows, etc., as well as graphics of the status of the lava extent.

Click on picture to see video

Jon Bear has a few Iceland volcano videos of his Iceland travel videos, and I include these under other vlogs providing Geldingadalir eruption news because recently he has been bringing his geologist father along on his shoots, and his father is quite informative about what scientists are saying about this volcano. For example Jon provided a video of the ‘Bridge Between Continents’ with his father explaining that Iceland is where the European and American tectonic plates are moving apart.

Eysteinn Guðni Guðnason has provided two vlogs about the Geldingadalir eruption by the date of this blog, 29 May 2021. Both are informative vlogs, so I include them under the news category. I particularly enjoyed watching the Geological map of Iceland Eruption in Geldingadalir during which this vlogger explains the meaning and shows the effect of using each of the menu items on this map which is in Icelandic, so it would be hard to understand without his explanation. The map is full of interesting information about the eruption.

Diary-Like Vlogs about the Geldingadalir Eruption

A diary-like vlog provides regular, if not daily updates about the Iceland volcano. I find some of these have points to make that I may not have heard in the news streams, and sometimes they have videos or portions of their videos well worth watching.

DrFox2000, a channel focused on science and learning, has two and a half hour live streams everyday for the last 70 days of the Iceland Geldingadalir eruption. He generally is watching the live feeds and interacting with people watching. This is the only live stream with talking and interaction with live stream watchers that I have found for the Iceland eruption. He frequently simultaneously shows four live feeds from each of the four feeds found on the internet as shown to the left here.

I particularly like how DrFox2000 gives a detailed and informative description of what is actually happening with the lava flows using a graphic he has found of the latest lava flows, as you can see here to the right. He’ll zoom into specific parts of the lava flow graphic to discuss, for instance the dams that were put up, and even use a tool to draw on the graphics to explain specific features, or the direction of lava flow, as seen in this graphic taken on May 28, 2021. In his interactions with watchers DrFox2000 also has what he calls a wacky sense of humor that requires you to watch these videos for some time to actually hear, as this sense of humor depends on the banter with his chat stream.

GutnTog provides a lot of content about the Geldingadalir eruption seemingly taking trips to the volcano every day, and when he does not due to limitations on travel to the volcano, he has other places to go to talk about Iceland volcanos. Much of his videos do not include audio, and when he does audio, it is of relatively poor quality so you can not always easily hear what he is saying. Furthermore, his accent makes him sometimes hard to understand. Nonetheless, I frequently check out these vlogs by fast forwarding through them as sometimes the video is well done, and he does give up-to-date information about what is happening live on the volcano.

Video Only Vlogs including the Geldingadalir Eruption

Drone Zone provides some good videos of the activity of the Geldingadalir eruption, Some of the views are amazing and unmatched by other videos, so I highly recommend watching at least one of these. It seems like some of the best material may be repeated in these videos, so I’m not sure that the views are in any chronological order.

Bjorn David Thorsteinsson uses drone videos to explore the landscape of Iceland, and his videos of the Geldingadalir eruption are well done. In particular I liked the Evolution of the Geldingadalir Eruption which shows how the eruption developed from the small crater that formed on 21 March 2021 through the many opening craters and now the geyser-like eruptions of the single remaining crater on 12 May 2021.

Traveller in the Whole World has been focusing on the Iceland volcano since the initial eruption in March, but before that this vlogger was showing videos from other parts of the world as well as Iceland. The sound with these videos is sometimes astounding, and I like the that they are generally very short videos of less than 10 minutes. Otherwise these videos, without any audio, are rather boring and repetitive of other vlogs that provide more regular updates.

Green Iceland Vid also does just videos of the Iceland volcano, some of these being drone videos, so they are not the usual videos. Apparently on 28 March 2021 the drone got burnt by the volcano so either he repairs it or buys a new one to get good shots again.

Storm Chasers has provided a couple of videos which I’ve watched because they show the lava overrunning one of the dams built to slow the progress of the lava flow. This vlogger has only two videos as of 29 May 2021 on the video, both focused on the destruction of the ‘lava dike’.

Jon Hilmarsson is a photographer who does his videos from drones, helicopters and the ground, and edits these into dramatic pieces when combined with music.

Live Feeds of Geldingadalir Eruption

Daily Iceland Live provides the MBL Iceland live stream of the Geldingadalir eruption that I don’t spend time watching, but if you would like to post a live view on your website or stream it to your monitor.

afarTV provides multiple live streams of the Iceland volcano, and also provided in the information about this YouTube live stream is a number of links to additional related videos. Their mission in providing this and other livestreams is to make it easy “for people to experience the beauty of the natural world from afar, without the environmental impact of travel.”


  1. CBS 60 Minutes. Geldingadalir: Iceland’s Newest Volcano Offers Rare Opportunities, 2021. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LI8Gcpawvo.
  2. “Fagradalsfjall.” In Wikipedia, May 28, 2021. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Fagradalsfjall&oldid=1025558837.

Author: T.P. Caruso

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