CLDP Leading with Heart Video

I think you’ll find this very intriguing and helpful in better understanding Non-Violent Communication and how it is used. Marion Little’s focus for this video is ‘Self-Empathy’ which is one part of three keys to NVC communication depicted in the attached documents which were included as handouts for this session:

(1) Self Empathy & Self Honesty
(2) Speaking with Honestry
(3) Listening with Empathy

Failure of American Civil War and Reconstruction

After reading The Black Calhouns I wanted to list all the violations of Constitutional rights that have been brought upon blacks since the end of the Civil War. My list ends around the approval of the Civil Rights Act of 1965, but blacks continue to experience racist behavior, lynchings, police killings, etc. I want to communicate why we must act to make amends and give restitution.

Get More Involved in Regulatory Policy Decisions

Come on, do they really think that humans can stop the development of technology? Energy, climate, genetics, social media, all are going to change. We should be instead working toward an agreement about policies that will be put in place on an international scale, to make these technologies benefit the further development of the human species and the world we live on in a way that can be maintained through mechanisms that ensure accountability.

CLDP Monthly Session: Building Resiliency

This year has been unprecedented. It’s been 1918, 1929, and 1968 all wrapped into one. The health, economic, and racial justice crises have taken a physical, emotional, and mental toll on all of us.

In this 2-hour interactive learning session, you will get strategies for building resilience in yourself and those around you. You’ll receive actionable tools to help you and those you lead:

• Increase well-being
• Sustain Energy
• Maintain mental focus
• Stay productive