CLDP Power and Leadership Video

Are you interested in learning:

  • How power plays out when you (or someone else) is leading?
  • Whether you are either wielding power too much power or giving away your power?

If you answered “yes” to either question, you would gain from watching this video about Power and Leadership is intended. This video was recorded by the CLDP (Community Leadership Development Program) on Thursday, February 13, 2020.

During this 2-hour video, we look at the relationship of leaders to masculine power.  Whenever you’re in a leadership position, whether you know it or not, there’s going to be power coursing through you.  We will explore:

  • How does a leader gets his power?
  • What is your relationship to/with power?
  • Do you tend to overdo power or under-do it?
  • Are you aware of power when you’re leading?
  • Why would you (or anyone) follow or serve a leader?
  • How could you administer that power in ways that are appropriate?


Before watching the video, we recommend that you consider the following questions:

  • When have you experienced a leader using power well or poorly?
  • When have you used or wielded power well or poorly?
  • When were you challenged in applying power?

Join us for other informative and educational sessions on a regular basis, the second Thursday of each month. Contact Tom Caruso at for more information.

Power and Leadership Slides

Author: T.P. Caruso

Retired from a healthcare and biomedical research career and now enjoying connections with anyone interested in history, geneology, healthcare, leadership or consciousness.

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