CLDP Shadow of Leadership Video

On March 12, 2020 the CLDP (Community Leadership Development Program) offered a monthly session titled “The Shadow of Leadership”.  By watching this video you can learn:

  • About shadow, particularly as it applies to leadership; and
  • How shadow might be operating while leading.

Since all of us have shadow, whenever you’re in a leadership position, whether you know it or not, some of your shadow material may express itself, in ways that you likely can’t detect.  During this 2-hour Zoom call, we looked at:

  • How shadow operates within a leader
  • How to learn about leader shadow
  • What can be done about it.

After listening to this video you may be able to identify an element of your shadow to work on.


Before watching this video, we recommend that you ponder these two questions:

  1. Where have you seen (or suspected) shadow operating in leaders?
  2. When do you suspect (or have been given feedback) that shadow is operating in you when you lead?

Join us for this informative and educational sessions on a regular basis, the second Thursday of each month.

For information about the Community Leadership Development Program, visit the CLDP info page.

Shadow of Leadership Slides

Author: T.P. Caruso

Retired from a healthcare and biomedical research career and now enjoying connections with anyone interested in history, geneology, healthcare, leadership or consciousness.

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